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Financial year for which grant-in-aid : ________________________ is applied
Name of the Organisation : _____________________________
Address of the Organisation : ___________________
(STD Code) Tel No. : ________________ (STD Code)
Fax No. : ____________________
E-mail : _____________________________
GRAMS : ____________________
(a) Complete address/ location of : ___________________________ proposed shishu greh unit(s)___________________________________
(STD Code) Tel No. : _____________ (STD Code)
Fax No. : ___________________
E-mail : __________________
GRAMS : ___________________

Connectivity (name & distance from the proposed Shishu Greh) :


(i) Bus Stand :

(ii) Railway Station : _____________________________
(iii) Air Port : _____________________________

(a) No. & date of Registration :

___________________ Certificate as a Society/ Public Trust

No., date & validity period of the :


Certificate of Registration/recognition as a Children Home


(c) No., date & validity period of the:

___________________ Certificate of Recognition for in-country adoption.

Whether the Project is to be run from :

___________________ own building or rented

(i) No. of children (0-6 years) :

___________________ present in the Home, if any

No. of children given in adoption, :

___________________ if any

(i) The existing Bank Account of :

___________________ the Agency with the State Bank of India, Branch Code, Account No

(ii) Whether the agency agrees to open a separate Bank Account for the Grant proposed (as required under the Scheme)?



(iii) Whether principle of joint operation of Bank Account is to be followed in the case of this grant? If so, please mention the name of the signatories.



The amount of assistance sought as :

grant-in-aid ___________________
Recurring– ___________________
Non-recurring– ___________________
Total– ___________________

List of documents/ information to be submitted alongwith Application :

  1. A photocopy of the Registration Certificate as a Society/ Trust.
  2. Photocopy of the Memorandum of Association/ Rules & Regulations (for NGOs only).
  3. An updated list of Members of the Management Committee/ Governing Body in the enclosed format.
  4. A photocopy of the Certificate of Registration from the State Govt. for running the Shishu Greh/ Children Home (for NGO applicant only). A photocopy of Govt. order for establishing the Shishu Greh in the cases of Grant-in-Aid to State Govt.-run-Institutions.

A photocopy of the Certificate of Recognition from the State Govt. for doing in-country adoption (applicable for both NGO & State Govt.).

  1. Annual Report of the Organisation as a whole for last three years duly reflecting the activities in the field of child welfare.
  2. Accounts of last three years in 4 parts :
    (a) Auditor’s Report;
    (b) Income & Expenditure Account;
    (c) Receipt & Payments Account;
    (d) Balance Sheet of the organization.
  3. List of assets/ infrastructure of the Organization.
  4. List of others sources of Grant-in-Aid/Funding (if any) with the name of the Scheme/Project, purpose, amount, etc. (separately).
  5. Rent Agreement/ Building Maintenance Estimate (whichever is applicable).
  6. The Staff List (if engaged) in the enclosed format.
  7. List of children present (if any) in the Home (if already established/running).
  8. List of children placed in adoption (if any)

Certification :

  1. Certified that the above information is in accordance with the records and audited accounts and is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief of the office-bearers of the organization, and after its perusal and satisfaction, they have authorized the undersigned by a resolution, dated _________________ for submitting this application for grant-in-aid from Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, West Block – VIII, Wing – II, 2nd Floor, R.K.Puram, New Delhi – 110066.

    Further certified that I have read the rules and regulations of the Scheme & General Financial Rules (Grant-in-Aid) of Govt. of India and I undertake to abide by them.

    It is also certified that no grant is being received for the same purpose (children, staff & infrastructure) from any other sources (government/ private/ foreign).
  2. On behalf of the Management, I further agree to the following condition :

    All assets acquired wholly or substantially out of the central grant shall not be encumbered or disposed of or utilized for purposes other than those for which the grant is given. Should the organization cease to exist at any time, such properties shall revert to the Government of India.

    The accounts of the project shall be properly and separately maintained. They shall always be open to check by an officer deputed by the Government of India or the State Government. They shall also be open to a test check by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India at his discretion.

    If the State or the Central Government have reasons to believe that the grant is not being utilized for approved purposes, the Government of India may stop payment of further installments and recover earlier grant in such manner as they may decide.

    The institution shall exercise reasonable economy in its working especially in respect of expenditure on building

    Progress reports of the project will be furnished at regular intervals as may be specified by the Government.

    The organization will bear 10% of the estimated expenditure or the balance of the estimated expenditure on the project as per the guidelines (for NGOs only).

    The organization agrees to make reservation for the Scheduled Castes/Schedule Tribe candidate/Disabled persons for appointment against the posts required for the working of the organization in accordance with instructions issued by the Government of India from time to time.


Yours faithfully

Signature of the Authorised Signatory)

Name :

Designation :

Address :

Date :

Office Stamp :


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